Glory B Flat Clarinet


The legendary HEX Pro series continues to be the flagship and benchmark product for Diamond Audio where cost is not an option and acoustic performance and presence reigns supreme.  For 20 years, Hex Pro has been the industry leader for conveying unparalleled music reproduction!

Diamond Audio’s HEX series stays true to our sound quality heritage.  With timeless and thoughtful attention to detail, HEX series products deliver studio sound quality so you can listen to music as the artist intended.  To this day, HEX series is still a favorite for professional recording artists and musicians!        

The quest and challenge for the balance of high performance and compactness in mobile audio products has been answered with Diamond Audio’s innovative Micro series products.  Utilizing advancements in micro chipset technology for much smaller platforms without sacrificing power, space limitation is no longer an excuse to not have a high-end car audio system.  

The new Diamond Elite series of products have been developed to reproduce and provide the most accurate and natural sound in any challenging mobile environment.  Many design refinements have been made during the evolution of Diamond Elite amplifiers and speakers.  Designed for the ultimate listening experience on a daily basis, your music will come to life with Diamond Elite.  

Diamond series products provide the best value and performance for all discerning listeners.  It is the perfect substitution for any OEM replacement speakers.  With its ultra-slim design features, Diamond series not only sound good, it keeps installation simple as well.  Entry-level has been taken up a notch with Diamond series so expect nothing less!