Glory B Flat Clarinet
Diamond Elite Series

Diamond Elite Series

Diamond Elite Subwoofers offers incredible quality and precision engineering for this class of subwoofer. Diamond Elite subwoofers deliver tremendous bass in a variety of enclosure designs making then an extremely versatile subwoofer. They sound dynamic and are precision crafted to withstand the demands exerted by long-extended listening sessions. Built to perform, Diamond Elite series utilize a full-size reinforced hybrid paper fiber cone structure that is well supported to handle extreme power.

12" - Dual 4Ω 500WRMS/1000W Max Subwoofer
12" - Dual 2Ω 500WRMS/1000W Max Subwoofer
10" - Dual 4Ω 400WRMS/800W Max Subwoofer
10" - Dual 2Ω 400WRMS/800W Max Subwoofer