Glory B Flat Clarinet
HEX Series

HEX Series

For exceptional studio sound quality, the balance of power and control must be mastered in reproducing accurate sound recordings.  HEX series amplifiers deliver the most filtered and cleanest signal by removing unwanted static and transient noise that can affect and degrade any car audio system.  HEX series amplifiers are manufactured using top-grade audiophile components in order to deliver unrivaled sound quality amplification.  Inspired by the best technologies from professional studio sound equipment, HEX series amplifiers will surely provide the power and control to reproduce that signature Diamond Audio sound!

2-Channel Amplifier - 400WRMS
4-Channel Amplifier - 480WRMS
1-Channel Amplifier - 800WRMS
5-Channel Amplifier - 1200WRMS
1-Channel Amplifier - 1600WRMS
1-Channel Amplifier - 1200WRMS
4-Channel Amplifier - 600WRMS