Glory B Flat Clarinet
Test Tones

Test Tones

On this page you will find test tones for download that are very useful for testing before and after installation.
These can be used with a simple Volt Meter, Digital Volt Meter or Osciloscope. (go to Tools of the Trade page)   We use all 3 every day in our Tempe, AZ lab testing our product 

We recommend that you burn them to a CD, or Thumb drive or put them on your phone (right click the image off to the LEFT of the frequency you want and save to your computer)

50Hz SineWave:                                                  


     1,000Hz SineWave: 

     Polarity Test Tones: 

     Pink Noise:  You REALLY need an RTA to utilize this signal.  Especially if you are doing DSP and setting up a system.



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