Collection: Tools of the Trade


There are many tools an installer needs,  Typically an “O-Scope” is not at the top of their list of tools to get.  Snap-On is.  But…for audio guys, the tools are different.  We are NOT rebuilding motors in Hot Rod Chevys!  We are doing AUDIO.  And doing audio, you need a SCOPE!!  Here is example of an oscilloscope…


LIUMY Oscilloscope Multimeter LM2001

Special Features- 200ksps Speed A/D Sampling, Automatic Waveform Capture Function, The Software Calibration Technology, Memory Calibration Coefficients, DC/AC Voltage /Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Diode / Continuity Test, Display hold, Storage / Readout up to 10 Waveforms and 100 sets of measurement values, LED Backlighting, Automatically Shutdown or Continuous Operation. 20A AC and DC Test, Built-in 500V/20A explosion proof fuse.

rta - real time analyzer

realtime analyzer (RTA) is a professional audio device that measures and displays the frequency spectrum of an audio signal. Here is an exmple of an RTA…


TPI440 Scope Plus 440

Special Features- 1 MHz bandwidth, Single Channel, 20MS/s Maximum Real-Time Sample Rate, 256 Pixels Record Length, 1,000V Maximum DC Voltage Measured, 750V Maximum AC Voltage Measured, 10 Amp Maximum AC/DC Current Measured, 30M Ohm Maximum Resistance, 400μF Maximum Capacitance, 2MHz Maximum Frequency.


multimeter is a measurement tool absolutely necessary in electronics. It combines three essential features: a voltmeter, ohm meter, and amp meter, and in some cases continuity.

Cerwin Vega Mobile DSMC-1

Special Features-