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DES25 - 2.5" Midrange Speaker

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Brand: Diamond Audio
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DES25 - 2.5“ Midrange Speaker

Elevate your in-car audio experience with Diamond Audio's Diamond Elite DES Series Speakers. Renowned for their high-end, esoteric design, these speakers are the culmination of refined engineering and meticulous attention to detail. Experience sonic perfection with pinpoint accuracy and superior sound quality that sets the Diamond Elite DES series apart.

The Diamond Elite DES series builds on the legacy of its predecessors, incorporating further sonic improvements for a richer, more immersive listening experience. The unique fiber weave cone, supported by specially treated paper, ensures the signature Diamond Audio smooth mid-bass response. Upgraded yet subtle cosmetics make a statement without overwhelming the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Whether you're upgrading your OEM system or integrating into an amplified aftermarket setup, the Diamond Elite DES series speakers are the perfect choice. Their versatile design and superior performance make them an ideal addition to any audio system.

Rediscover your music with Diamond Audio's Diamond Elite DES Series Coaxial Speakers. Experience the ultimate in-car listening experience with unmatched precision, clarity, and detail. Upgrade to Diamond Elite DES and hear the difference!



  • 50W RMS
  • 100W Max Power
  • Composite ABS Frame Design