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Replacement Tweeter Diaphragm (M01T,M01SWT,M1SRT,M175T) - MRD

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Brand: Diamond Audio
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MRD - 1” Replacement Diaphragm for Tweeter

Diamond Audio never rests on its laurels! The Motorsport series continues its path of success by expanding its high compression super tweeter assortment for this year.

Introducing an array of super tweeters to comply with any installation and/or fabrication work, Diamond Audio's solution-driven Motorsport series tweeters will complete any high-end audio performance system build!

The Motorsport series super tweeter portfolio consists of standard and short horn version designs, proprietary phase plug technology for ultimate off-axis sound performance and response, shallow-depth tweeter casing, swivel feature function, and flexible mounting options for that custom build!

Never settle for less, look to Motorsport series by Diamond Audio for the ultimate sound system experience!


  • 1" Replacement Diaphragm for Tweeter
  • Applicable for all Tweeters: M01T,M01SWT,M1SRT,M175T
  • Not for M075T